At Upload:Search, you’ll be able to connect, learn, network and socialise throughout the day. The event platform creates a conference event setting in a virtual space.

So what should you expect from Upload:Search?


Hear from big names in the industry. Discover the very latest innovations, trends and big ideas of what’s yet to come.

Each speaker has been personally invited by our curators, with each of the sessions focusing on current trends and key topics in the digital industry for both brands and agencies.



Curate your own day with access to five content streams. Choose which sessions to attend and plan your day.

For a very small price (or free for freelancers) you can join any of the talks over the day, and pop in and out when you feel like.

Can’t attend the live event or two sessions clashing you want to see? Register and we’ll send you all the recorded talks post-event so you don’t miss a thing.



Learn an actionable skill one day and apply it to the next. Get solutions to real-life challenges and go back to work full of new ideas.

Take this time to learn new skills, develop new ideas and pass on key learnings on what’s to come to your team.

Visit the booths to checkout what is being showed off at the event.



Meet true achievers, addicted learners and other digital marketing professionals who are on your wavelength, all in one virtual space.

Meet one-on-one with other attendees at the event, like speed networking.

Join us in the ‘Upload Tavern’ to network with curators, speakers and delegates alike. Pop in and out throughout the day when you can and end the day with a social virtual round of drinks!

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A percentage of all profits will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund to help the World Health Organisation fight COVID-19.

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