Izzi Smith Izzi Smith

Technical SEO Analyst

Izzi is a Technical SEO Analyst at Ryte in Munich, where she spends her time solving technical mysteries, sharing her knowledge, and helping companies create even more awesome websites for users and Search Engines. She has a thing for Structured Data, technical SEO, UX, and creating SEO memes.

Talk title: Let’s Spill the E-A-T

Improving your E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) isn’t just important to help prove to Search Engines that you’re a reputable and authentic resource of information, but it’s also your duty as SEOs to protect your users and potential customers. Izzi’s talk demonstrates why E-A-T signals are so crucial to work on these days and how you can do so effectively, all with several analyses on medical, eCommerce and news domains that demonstrates how avoiding such renovation can result in severe organic traffic loss. Let’s spill the tea, and chat about E-A-T ☕️

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