Jon Quinton Jon Quinton

Founder / Owner
Overdrive Digital

Having worked in digital marketing for 12 years, in 2016 Jon founded Overdrive Digital, an agency specialising in paid search and paid social.

Overdrive works with companies including Liberty of London, Atelier Swarovski, SA1NT and more to help them grow revenue through their social and search channels. Jon regularly contributes to the digital marketing community via publishing a variety of blog posts, podcasts and regular webinars.

Talk title: What Really Works on Facebook Ads in 2020?

Facebook Ads is not the easiest platform to navigate for newcomers – even seasoned advertisers can struggle. One of the biggest challenges with running effective Facebook Ad campaigns is getting lost in a series of shiny features and confusing recommendations.

Using real-world examples, this session aims to quell some of the myths and give you a run through of what is really working and driving ROI on the platform right now.

By attending this session you’ll learn:
<li>Tactics you can implement right away to drive improved ROI
<li>How to avoid wasted spend and how to critically review performance
<li>How to rectify underperforming accounts</li></ul>

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