Luke Cope Luke Cope

Digital Strategist
Rise at Seven

Luke manages the digital strategy for the client base at Creative PR & SEO Agency, Rise at Seven. Prior to joining Rise Luke headed up the Digital and Content Marketing teams for various other agencies in the North as well as running his own company. With 8 years experience in the industry, Luke has worked with the likes of GoCompare, Missguided, Total and Badoo on their SEO & Digital PR strategies. Luke is fascinated by large digital campaigns that utilise data, design and the right promotion to have a big impact on clients objectives

Talk title: How to use your internal site search to improve your PR & Content strategies

You know that search bar at the top of your website? Turns out it’s not just useful for your customers, it’s a really useful feature for you too. Depending on how much traffic your site gets, your site search function can help gather heaps of useful data that can go onto inform:</br>
- Your product PR</br>
- Your content strategy</br>
- Content campaign ideas</br>
This talk will show you how to gather, interpret and use the data from your site search to improve your content strategy and come up with winning Digital PR campaigns.

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