Mark Johnstone Mark Johnstone

Creative Content Consultant

Mark has created some of the most talked-about and linked-to campaigns in the SEO industry. He established and built the creative team at Distilled, and since leaving the agency 4 years ago, he’s been training hundreds of content creators how to come up with successful content ideas. Mark has spent years time digging into what makes content ideas work and how to come up with them. He also has a new project in the works which he’ll be announcing soon. And if he does his job properly, you should see it online!

Talk title: How to choose the right format for your content campaigns

Okay, you’ve got your content idea, and you think it’s a winner, but how do you decide the best way to present the information? How do you choose the right format for the content? Visual, interactive and animated assets have been a popular component of content campaigns for years now. But how do you make sure the visual really adds value, and isn’t just making the information ‘pretty’? How do you make it quick to get the point, and stand out among so much noise? Mark will guide you through all of these considerations and show you how to present your content to get attention online.

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