Yehoshua Coren Yehoshua Coren

Founder & Principal
Analytics Ninja

Yehoshua Coren is the Founder of Analytics Ninja LLC, a digital analytics consultancy which provides implementation, reporting, analysis, and training services to organizations of all sizes.  Yehoshua is looked up to as a subject matter expert in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, leading a team that specializes in helping organizations strategically determine their digital measurement needs, execute best in class implementations, and find insights in data that grow profits.
Yehoshua brings to the table a unique mix of advanced technical acumen, deep understanding of business requirements, project management capabilities, and a very amiable personality.  Indeed, he is so amiable that after meeting him for the first time you’ll be scratching your head for weeks afterwards trying to figure out how in the world a person could have become *that amiable*.  

Talk title: Analytics You Need To Know

This talk will attempt to bridge the gap between the analytics knowledge and expertise of a digital marketing professional and that of a veteran analytics practitioner. Yehoshua will share a strategic approach to analytics with a lot of tactical and practical examples that you can take home and implement on your own.

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